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Lake Michigan condo life has its rewards. You never worry about mowing the yard or taking care of home maintenance issues.  The perfect set-up for retirees or those who want more time to enjoy Michigan's majestic beauty.

Lake Michigan Condo

Condos on Lake Michigan are available in all the beachtowns from south to north. New complexes are constantly being built with plenty of attractive designs and amenities being offered.  

They normally start out in the price range of several hundred thousand dollars to ... the sky's the limit.  In other words plan on big buck spending.

I know some consider them fancy apartments but the newer developements offer different floor plans and plenty of options to personalize them. The newer condos are also built with better sound proofing to give you the piece and quiet of a home setting.

There are some things you'll need to know before buying a condo.

  • When visiting condos listen ... get a feel for any noise from surrounding units.
  • Is there plenty of parking for you and any guests that may visit?
  • Talk to other owners. Ask if management is timely and easy to get along with especially if issues arise.
  • Is there a unit-owners association and how well does it function?
  • Get an understanding of the Covenants (rules and regulations).
  • Are there any special assessment fees or any planned for future projects?
  • Are ther any legal actions pending?
  • Check the reputation of the developer? Are they still doing business?
  • Does it have all the amenities you are looking for?
  • Do you absolutely love it?

New Buffalo Michigan condo.

Condos on Lake Michigan is a dream lifestyle if you take the time to check all the important things before you buy.  

Remember ... you must absolutely love it.

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