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Michigan Antiques

You can visit Michigan antique shops in just about every beachtown, but it does seem as though there are a couple of areas that are antique heaven.  Not sure how that happens but some areas support more then others.

Several of the southern antique shops are located in Harbor Country with many being quite large. Michigan  Shops here are close together making it easy to visit several in a day.

Traveling north, you'll find more west Michigan shops full of treasures all the way to Manistee.  I

The northwest area is also home to several antique shops. Northern antique shops are numerous especially in the Grand Traverse Bay area.

If you are antiqueing during the off peak season you may want to check ahead as many cut back on hours or days they will be open.

Sue and I love looking around in the shops but the bigger ones can wear us out fairly quickly. Occasionaly we will find our "must have item" but, it's always fun to find things you remember from days gone by.

Finding unique antique shops is an enjoyable part of our visit and one of the things we really look forward to.  You may even find them while exploring some of the off the beaton path areas.

I am always looking for that next Antique Roadshow find, you know, the one you buy for a couple bucks but is worth thousands.  This normally works in reverse for me.

You can literally spend hours in these shops. I'm good for a little while then I start getting antsy. Everything starts looking the same. Sue knows this and usually asks me if I'm ready to get a bite to eat or grab a cup of coffee.

Take the time to explore the antique shops in the beachtowns. You'll have fun and ... you'll wish you had kept all those things you had as a child. 

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