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Lake Michigan attractions ... you'll find plenty to keep your days filled with romantic fun. Discovering interesting, fun things to do together is what helps to build healthy relationships. 

Now there is some give and take involved. Decide on things that interest you both first. Stay open minded to your significant others interests.  Michigan's sunset coast gives you plenty of choices ... it will be easy to find something that peaks your interests.

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Michigan's west coast is one of the most fun areas of the country to visit. You'll find plenty of Lake Michigan attractions to enjoy together.

  • Beachcombing is always an adventure. Find something special to remind you of "that day" together. Even if it's a colorful rock or stone. Take it home and put the date on it. Memories are forever.
  • Most of the beachtowns will have bicycle rentals. Explore the towns and countryside and get a little fun excersise while doing it.
  • The beachtown festivals are always a favorite event for us. Local artists, craftsman, food, rides and fireworks over the lake at night make for great times.
  • Buy a kite and enjoy a day at the beach with it. You can even take part in one of the local kite festivals.Our friend Tim has a great site about how to build and fly kites.
  • Kiteboarding has become very popular in the last few years on Lake Michigan. I'm too old to try it now but it sure looks look a blast.
  • Visit the local wineries. Wine tours and tasting rooms are a really special way to learn about Michigan wines together.
  • Build a sandcastle. The festivals usually have a sandcastle competition you can participate in. Don't worry about winning the competition, just have fun building it together.
  • Dune rides are an exciting adventure. These specialized vehicles will take you up and over the dunes for a thrilling experience.
  • The Mackinac Bridge is a must visit. This 5 mile long beauty connects the upper and lower peninsula's.
  • Visit one of the local casino's. Play it smart here. Never gamble with more than you can afford to loose. Sue and I go with a set amount and if we win a little were happy. Most of the casino's will have great restaurants and you will enjoy a wonderful meal.
  • Visit the lighthouses. You'll find the port towns normally have long piers with beautiful historic lighthouses to visit.
  • Enjoy the spectacular color of fall rides. Stop at local fruitstands and farms to take in the harvest. This is one of our favorite times of the year.
  • Find a romantic spot on one of the beaches and watch a sunset together.There isn't anything more romantic than this!

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