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Bike West Michigan

If you bike west Michigan you'll be in for a special treat. Charming Michigan beachtowns, and casual rides along the shoreline roads is a pleasant way to spend time exploring together.

While Sue and I are leisurely bikers we do plan to take it up a notch with all the new bike trails being developed along the Lake Michigan coast.

Michigan is a tourist paradise ... a state that enjoys catering to bikers.

There are miles of biking trails through some of the most breathtaking scenery you'll ever experience.

If you bike west Michigan trails in the scenic state parks (extremely popular). You can take in miles of wooded paths leading to areas with spectacular views.

Most Michigan State Parks allow both on, and off road (mountain) biking.

National parks (and some state parks) do not generally allow any biking. Be sure and check upon entering.

Most of the Michigan beachtowns have trails that connect them. Trails with panoramic views of Lake Michigan. Many roads have wide shoulders or bike lanes added just for cyclist safety.

Bike Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is a great resource for information on biking the coastal area. You will also find some very important biking tips and rules of the road.

Many of the places to stay will have bikes available along with maps of scenic routes for the area. Be sure and check ourdiscount travel page for money saving accommodations.

Biking Michigan offers you plenty of choices. There are plenty of Michigan biking events for those with a competitive spirit.Michigan Biking Clubs often have events along set routes that can cover hundreds of miles.

Being in reasonably good shape, and knowing where your bike route takes you is important.

  • Know the rules of the road.
  • Wear a helmet and take plenty of water.
  • Take a cell phone.
  • Know your limitations. Check your route to be sure you can handle it. Many bike routes and trails may have steep hills.
  • Know your equipment. Carry spare parts. Especially important on long outings or mountain biking.
  • If you are venturing out on your own, tell someone the route you will be taking.

Be safe ... watch the traffic! Make it a fun time together. 

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