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Michigan Brewery Fun.

A Michigan brewery, a hot day ...Sue waiting for a cold one.

Brewery growth is almost running the same pace as the Michigan wine industry. New brewpubs are showing up all along the west coast of Michigan. These microbreweries are producing specialty beers that are becoming very popular among the Michigan beer crowd.

They are also teaming with local chefs and offering some of the finest brewpub food you'll find anywhere.  Local hops and locally grown food are turning these microbrewies into beer food paradise!

On our recent trip to the Traverse Bay area we noticed several areas that were growing hops. I had never seen hops growing and Sue and I were surprised at the height the vines grow. Many of the vines are 18'-20'tall and are actually a beautiful plant that seem to do well in the Traverse Bay area.

Greenbush Brewery in Sawyer, MI.

We really like Greenbush Brewery in Sawyer, Michigan.  Not only do they have great beer they also have some killer pizza.  If you are near Harbor Country it is definately worth a visit.

This isn't your fathers beer! A good Michigan brewer produces a good Michigan microbrew in several styles and flavors. You'll find the standard ale's and stouts but the new flavored brews are really becoming the most poular.

Coffee, chocolate, maple syrup and even locally grown fruits such as blueberries,cherries and others are used.

It's good to see these brewers using the local ingredients as much as they can.

They are fun, a little crazy ... but all in a good way.

What's beer without a festival? Beer festivals are becoming year-round events. The weather doesn't seem to be a factor for attendees ... Of course after a few brewski's who cares about the weather:). You'll need a place to stay so here are some of the best travel deals.

You'll find Festival information on most of the sites below.

Traverse City area:

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