Michigan Beach Wedding Photos

by Paul Zubrys
(New Buffalo, MI. USA)

I've been a full time, professional, real estate broker for 25 years. I specialize in vacation homes along Michigan's west coast from New Buffalo, MI to St Joseph, South Haven, and beyond. I've been lucky enough to be successful so I love my career. My passion, however, is Photography. Examples of some of my work can be found at www.paulzubrys.com

Id like to take this opportunity to offer Wedding Photography to a well deserving couple, at no charge! This is complete, full service, professional, wedding photography service.

Do you know anyone who is recently engaged to be married and who really deserves a break? Maybe a military Vet? Perhaps someone who has traded a lucrative career to work with underprivelleged children or homeless. Please visit my site, www.paulzubrys.com, and email me a summary describing the person you have in mind along with the best way to contact you.



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