Michigan Charter Boat Fishing
Big Lake = Big Fun

Lake Michigan charter boat fishing is an experience you will never forget. A day on the big lake in search of big fish is full of fun and excitement. The captains have the boat, the gear, and more importantly the experience to guarantee your success.

Beautiful ports, majestic scenery, big fish ... you couldn't ask for a more ideal setting!

A nice convenience is being able to get your Michigan fishing license online.

A fishing trip can be a half day or all day event. The fishing hours may very so you want to understand their fees and schedules. Many are set up to allow handicap fishing. The Mi Charter Boat Association lists all the fishing services along Michigan's west coast.

Check the Michigan DNR website for complete Michigan fishing information.

A boat will be well equiped with all the latest gear and equipment. Captains are trained and licensed and stress the importance of safety for an enjoyable trip. Many fish with 8 to 12 rods in the water at one time so things can get hectic when reeling in multiple fish.

Most of the captains will clean and package your fish at the end of the trip. Lake Perch and Whitefish fishing is also available.

The big lake season normally runs from ice out to late fall. Several captains will switch to their river charter boat in late fall and fish through the winter. These boats are heated and comfortable. Plenty of large fish can be caught in the rivers that feed into Lake Michigan.

Check out our discount travel page for places to stay in or close to the port towns along Michigan's west coast.

Big fish make for big fun and Lake Michigan fishing provides you with both.

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