Top Western Michigan Color Drives

Enjoy romantic drives and beautiful western Michigan color.

Western Michigan color usually peaks in mid to late October. We take every opportunity we can to enjoy Michigan fall drives during this month. If you're able to take frequent weekend drives, you can watch the fall foilage start changing near the end of September till it peaks in October.

Northern Michigan fall colors.

The color season is the perfect time for a romantic getaway. The pace slows down along the lake this time of year. There is more relaxed feeling with less traffic and fewer crowds.

Stop at a u-pick orchard and pick beautiful apples right from the trees. You'll find the fruit stands bursting at the seams with local harvest. A fall winery tour is a must-do if you visit the southwestern Michigan area.

Michigan roadside markets.

 Michigan Color Hotline 

Below is the map of Michigan color drives. Zoom in or out. Western Michigan color drive directions are below the map.

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Western Michigan Color Drive Directions

New Buffalo to Bridgeman drive (about 53 miles). Leave New Buffalo traveling north on Red Arrow Highway. Turn right (east on Lemon Creek Rd.) Take Lemon Creek Rd. to Red Bud Trail. Turn right on Red Bud (south) follow to Snow Rd. and turn right (west). Take Snow Rd. to California Rd. and turn left (south). Take California through the town of New Troy to Glendora and turn right (west). Glendora turns into Mill Rd. Follow Mill Rd. south to Elm Valley and turn right (west). Elm Valley to Three Oaks Rd. and turn left (south). Three Oaks Rd. to US 12 and turn right (west). Follow 12 back to New Buffalo.

The St. Joseph/Benton Harbor drive is around 56 miles. Leave St. Joseph/Benton Harbor traveling north on 63. Take 63 north to Coloma Rd. and turn right (east). Coloma Rd. changes to Red Arrow. Continue east into Waterveliet and turn right on Main (south). Main turns into 140. Continue south on 140 to M62. Turn right (west) and travel into Eau Claire. Turn left (south) on Linn St. in Eau Claire. This turns into Eau Claire Rd. Take Eau Claire Rd. south and veer left at Huckleberry Rd. Take Huckleberry Rd. to Deans Hill Rd. Turn right (west) on Deans Hill. Follow Deans Hill to Old 31 and turn right. In Berrien Springs turn right at the stop light. Follow Old 31 out of town to 31 and turn right (north) on Benton Harbor/Holland exit. Follow 31 north to Napier. Turn left on Napier. Follow Napier through Benton Harbor to Niles Ave and turn right. Take Niles Ave. (63) back to St. Joseph.

The South Haven tour (about 63 miles). Take Phoenix Rd. east turning right (south) on 73rd St just past 196. Take 73rd to 8th and turn left (east). Take 8th to 72nd St. (CR689) turn right (south). Take 72 St. to CR-380 and turn left (east). Take CR-380 east to 215 and turn left (north). 215 north to CR-384 and turn right (east). Continue on CR-384 and it turns north into 46th St. Take 46th to 388 and turn right (east). In Bloomingdale turn right (south) on 665. Take 665 to 18th Ave. (380) and turn left (east). Take 380 to 388 and turn right (east). Take 388 into Gobles and turn right (south) on 40. Take 40 to 24th Ave. and turn right (west). 24th Ave. to 215 and turn left (south). 215 to 43 and turn right (west). 43 into Bangor stay left on Arlington St. Arlington turns into 378 heading west out of town. 378 west to 140 and turn right (north). 140 to 380 and turn left (west). 380 to Blue Star Memorial Hwy. and turn right. Turn left on 77th St. Take 77th north to 14th Ave. and turn right (east). 14th Ave. to 76th St. and turn left (north). 76th turns into Monroe back into South Haven.

Holland, Saugatuck, Fennville Drive (about 42 miles). Leave Holland heading south on business 31. This turns into Blue Star Highway. Stay on 58th St. (Blue Star) going south to Old Allegon Rd. Turn left (east) on Old Allegon. Stay on Old Allegon to 52nd St. and turn right (south). 52nd St. to 89 (124th Ave.) turn right (west). Follow through Fennville and turns into 89. 89 west to 68th St. (Blue Star) and turn right (north). Follow Blue Star into Saugatuck and turn left (west) on Allegon St. Go into town and take Holland (Washington) out of town and back to Blue Star turning left. Take Blue Star to 64th St. and turn left (north). Turn left (west) on 140th Ave. 140th to 66th St. turn right (north). Take 66th north to South Shore Drive. Right on South Shore back to town (Holland).

The Grand Haven Drive (about 78 miles). Take Waverly Ave east and it turns right into Mercury Drive. Follow Mercury Dr. and it turns to Green St., then 128th, then N. Cedar Dr. Take N. Cedar to 104th Ave. and turn right (south). 104 to Osborn St. and turn left (east) then right on Bass Dr. Bass to Warner St. going east. Warner to 68th Ave. and turn right (south). 68th into Allendale and turn left (east) on 45 (Lake Michiagn Dr.). 45 to 48th Ave. and turn right (south). 48th to Fillmore St. (Bauer) and turn left (east). Fillmore turns to Cottonwood Dr. in Grandville. Cottonwood to 21(Chicago Dr.) and turn left (east). 21 to Wilson Ave. and turn left (north). Stay on Wilson (11) as it heads north out of town. Turn left (west) on Fennessy Dr. Take Fennessy to Luce St. and continue west. Luce will change to Linden Dr. NW as it swings to the northwest. Take Linden Dr. to Leonard St. and turn left (west). Stay on Leonard to Spring Lake and turn left on 104 (E. Savidge St.) back to Grand Haven.

Muskegon to Pentwater Drive (about 63 miles). Take N. Seaway Dr. (business 31) north then northeast (turns to W. Muskegon Ave then Moses J. Jones Pkwy.) Turn left on 120 going over causeway. Stay on Whitehall Rd. going north to W. River Rd. Turn left (west) on West River which turns to Scenic Dr. and goes north. Scenic turns into S. Shore Dr. at White Lake and goes east to White Lake Dr. Turn left (north) on S. Mears Ave. (31) through Whitehall to W. Colby turning left (west) then right (north) on N. Thompson (31). In Montague stay left on Dowling to Whibeck Rd. and turn right (north). Take Whibeck to Meinart Park Rd. and turn left (west). Turn right (north) on Indian Bay Rd.(B15). Follow B15 to W. Webster and turn left (west). B15 goes right turning back to Scenic Dr. Follow B15 around Silver Lake and it will change to N. Ridge Rd. Follow B15 around Pentwater Lake to 31. Turn left on 31 to Pentwater. 

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